About Pastor Shaw


About Pastor Shaw

Service in the church marks Pastor Shaw’s life for most of his 48 years as a believer. He has led numerous small groups, taught many Sunday School classes, taught Seminars on Biblical Law and been a Pastor for more than 15 of those years. He strongly supports Christian education, having served as Principal in two Christian schools and taught numerous classes from a Biblical perspective.

Pastor Shaw and his wife, Debbie, of 44 years, have two children and 9 grandchildren, all of whom love the Lord and live in the Portland area.

Having earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Dr. Shaw has a keen interest in all of creation, and a love for its order and beauty as they reflect the nature of God.

Pastor Shaw desires to finish his race in the service of our Lord and King by bringing his experience in the church and in life to serve God’s people. His years in both baptist and reformed churches provide a unique and needed perspective on Christian life and practice. He has a deep desire to see the lost come to Christ, and to see God’s people edified and built up for every good work.