Covenant lawsuits OR covenant mercy?

The prophets of the Old Covenant frequently speak forth judgments against various nations. In many cases it is unlikely that those nations actually heard those judgments. If this is the case, why does God include them? Consider the book of Amos. God pronounces judgments against Israel’s neghbors, even including Judah. Many consider such pronouncements as God bringing a covenant lawsuit against his people. Unfortunately, lawsuits conjure up images of justice. Is God primarily after justice? Are the prophets trying His case against His people? More plausible is that God is acting mercifully towards his people. He is not declaring His cause of justice, but rather His great desire to extend mercy and forgiveness to His people. He pronounces judgments against the surrounding nations in order to demonstrate His love for His people, and show that He defends His people against their enemies. In Amos, He then goes on to lament the loss of His people, and call them to return to Him and His loving care.

God loves us, and watches over us, protecting us from the wiles of the enemy. He transforms us into His image, and prepares us for eternity with Him. Praise the Lord! For He is patient with us, and His steadfast love endures forever.

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